At Genesis Pharmacy, our compounding professionals can prepare individualized therapies to improve both the aesthetic and therapeutic aspects of medications, offering alternatives and advantages for dermatology.

We compound medications into cosmetically appealing creams, topical sprays and powders, as well as create customized oral dosage forms (such as flavored troches or lollipops) and various preparations for other routes of administration.

Compatible drugs can be combined into a single dosage form to simplify a medication administration schedule and improve compliance. USP approved chemicals can be utilized to enhance the absorption of topically applied medications.

Genesis works with the prescriber and patient to solve problems, and all formulations are customized per prescription. Therapeutic results depend not only on the selection of drug, but also the use of a proper base and preparation technique.

Contact one of Genesis's pharmacist's to discuss the combination that is most appropriate.  Some dermatologic issues commonly treated are acne, roscacea, pigmentation abnormalities, keloid scars, dermatitis, psoriaisis, burns, and photo-aged skin to name just a few. Dermatology compounds may include: 

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid cream
  • "BLT" gel (benzocaine, lidocaine, and tetracaine)
  • Cholestyramine ointment
  • 2-Deoxy D-Glucose (2-DDG) in various dosage forms such as creams, lip balms, and oral rinses
  • Dapsone cream
  • Ivermectin - oral or topical
  • KOH solution - 5% and 10%
  • Kojic Acid, Hydroquinone, Retinoic Acid gel
  • Pseudocatalase cream
  • Tamoxifen topical
  • Trichloroacetic Acid/Lactic Acid/Azelaic Acid topical solution
  • Urea 40% ointment