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Are April Showers and May Flowers Getting You Down?


Are April Showers and May Flowers getting you down? Wish you could enjoy this season without being miserable with allergies? Feeling like you need a Benadryl but you don’t want to deal w/ the side effects? We have something for you! DHIST from Ortho Molecular offers the benefits of medications like Benadryl but without the pesky drowsiness (or hyperness for some!).

DHIST contains ingredients such as quercetin and bromelain to help control and balance histamine levels. N-acetylcysteine (NAC)helps to get rid of any mucus you might have. It may come as no surprise to you that Vitamin C helps with the immune system and helps your body when you are stressed, but most people don’t know it also helps to deactivate histamine, thus providing extra help for those seasonal allergies!

You will want to do a loading dose for 7-10 days (2 caps 3x daily), but then you can switch to a maintenance dose of 2 capsules/day. They also come in handy blister packs that you can travel with!

These and the regular bottles (40 and 120ct) are 20% off for the whole month of May so be sure and stock up!

And we haven’t forgotten about those kiddos! We have a DHIST JUNIOR made especially for them!

If you are having more sinus issues, we have sinatrol! In order for the sinuses to be at their best, our body depends on MUCOCILIARY CLEARANCE. This essentially means that little hairs in our nose help to beat out all those nasty microbes, dust, and allergens that we come across. If this doesn’t happen, mucus can build up and our sinuses can also gather fluid that normally isn’t there and makes us feel pretty “stuffed up”! A few things that Sinatrol has to help w/ this is the NAC, which helps to break down mucus and clear it away. Bromelain also assists in this by thinning mucus. Several ingredients, including turmeric, berberine, and licorice root, also help to tame the inflammation that is going on and attributing to this cascase of events. These are Turmeric, Berberine, and Licorice Root extract. Like the DHIST, these also come in convenient blister packs you can travel with!


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