Since men suffer with baldness much more often than women, most people think that hair loss is caused by too much testosterone.  Although testosterone is related, it is actually thought to be more closely related to Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT.  The exact relation of DHT is not completely understood, but there does seem to be a
grass fed beef
    So, I used to have a cow named Philbert… Being a full member and believer in the food chain (and the benefits of grass fed beef), Philbert was put down last week and will soon be on our dinner plates. This is a LOT OF beef for just me and my husband, so
Healthy barbecue
  Spring is in the air, the sun is shining, and that grill sitting quietly on the back deck or in the garage may be starting to tempt you. At least here, in the Midwest, the temptation of grilling has already begun to “fire up” some eager outdoor cooks.  If you live in some consistently
  TESTOSTERONE – TESTOSTERONE – TESTOSTERONE:   When it comes to Men’s Health today, it is all about testosterone.  However, there can be much more to the equation of feeling well than just testosterone.  We have all heard the commercials and are probably familiar with the symptoms of low testosterone.  Whether it is erectile dysfunction,