Are you stressed because your testosterone is low? OR Is your testosterone low because you are stressed?  It is the classic chicken or egg scenario that many guys face without a clear answer. 

Fortunately, there is a supplement that can help you feel better regardless of the exact root of the problem.  DHEA (Dehydroepiondrosterone) is a naturally derived hormone precursor that helps provide your body with the necessary building blocks to make more testosterone, and DHEA also works to counterbalance a stress related chemical called cortisol in your body. 

This means whether your stress (increased cortisol) is keeping your body from making enough testosterone or your body just isn’t keeping up with your demand of testosterone, DHEA may be able to help you feel better.  Obviously, severe low testosterone symptoms should be evaluated by a physician, but if you just need a little boost or your physician says your DHEA levels are low, consider adding DHEA 25mg capsules to your daily regimen.

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