Introducing the Genesis comprehensive

Men’s Hormone Replacement Therapy Program

designed to help clinics and physicians provide top quality pharmaceuticals to their patients.


GEN-360 is designed for doctors who specialize in HRT and are looking to partner with a professional compounding pharmacy to provide high-quality, personalized service.

The GEN-360 program includes production, packaging, and private labeling of Hormone Replacement supplements, and can be quickly integrated into any existing HRT program.

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State-of-the-Art Compounding Pharmacy

The GEN-360 program is operated out of a cutting edge compounding pharmacy that utilizes the newest advances in compounding technology to put product in your hands faster, and at a lower cost.

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Why GEN-360?

Lower Prices

As compounding specialists, our depth of experience and streamlined practices allow us to produce high-quality pharmaceuticals at a significantly lower price than competitors.

Private Labeling

Prefer your own packaging or labeling? No problem. GEN-360 can handle all your private labeling needs.

Fast, Free Shipping

After your product has been formulated, packaged, and labeled, it is shipped at absolutely no cost.

Program Flexibility

We have pharmacists on staff who specialize in HRT and are available to handle all your program's needs while staying flexible to implement any changes you see fit.

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