PrebioMed™ XOS


PrebioMed™ XOS is a synbiotic blend of 1 gram of xyloogiosaccharides (XOS) prebiotics and 10 billion CFU of Bifidobacteria probiotics for supporting a healthy microbiome and optimizing gastrointestinal health. This unique combination helps stimulate the growth of health-promoting bacterial strains with a newly researched prebiotic that offers superior effectiveness in small quantities to minimize common side effects of prebiotics. It also includes five of the most highly researched Bifidobacteria strains chosen for their exceptional survivability through the gastrointestinal tract and ability to attach to intestinal walls. 

 Made with non-GMO ingredients.



PrebioMed XOS™ is a highly effective prebiotic/probiotic blend for establishing a healthy, balanced microbiome.

Advantages of PreticX™ Prebiotics
PreticX™ is a unique prebiotic, xyloogiosaccharides (XOS), that is effective at low doses, reducing the occurrence of gastrointestinal side effects. PreticX™ has also been shown to significantly optimize Bifidobacteria without promoting growth of lactobacillus. The outcome of this selective action is an improved firmucutes/bacteroidetes (F/B) ratio, which is increasingly the goal of microbiome optimization. 

PrebioMed™ XOS may be useful for:

  • Reestablishing a healthy and diverse microbiome
  • Optimizing the firmucutes/bacteroidetes ratio
  • Alleviating inflammatory bowel disease/ulcerative colitis 
  • Enhancing the immune system
  • Minimizing the side effects of antibiotics
  • Improving constipation and/or diarrhea during all life stages
  • Reducing severity and duration of cold/flu symptoms