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When it comes to Men’s Health today, it is all about testosterone.  However, there can be much more to the equation of feeling well than just testosterone.  We have all heard the commercials and are probably familiar with the symptoms of low testosterone.  Whether it is erectile dysfunction, waning mental clarity, or just a lack of energy and stamina, there are plenty of things that commonly affect men as we age. 


Although, testosterone is one of the biggest culprits for these sorts of symptoms, other issues like high estrogen, thyroid dysfunction, and vitamin deficiency can play a part in making us feel older than we should.



Besides having low testosterone, another big issue in aging men is high estrogen levels.  Like many things in life, balance is the key.  Men should have a balance of testosterone and estrogen just like women, but in the opposite direction.  It is possible that a man’s testosterone level might be in range, but the increased level of estrogen causes similar symptoms to having low testosterone.

There are several factors that can contribute to increased estrogen levels in men, but the most common are increased fat tissue (especially around the stomach), exposures to environmental factors like some plastics and chemicals, and even stress. 

Obviously, some lifestyle changes can go a long way in preventing high estrogen levels, but once they are elevated, it can be more difficult to bring them down.  Your physician has several medication therapies than can help bring your high estrogen back into balance.



So, what if all my testosterone and estrogen levels are in range, but I still don’t feel right?

Well again, our bodies are meant to function as a balanced system of chemical reactions, and if just one of those systems isn’t functioning properly, it can affect lots of other things in our body as well.  Thyroid dysfunction is another big culprit when it comes to being tired, depressed, or otherwise just feeling lousy.  Although low thyroid issues are more common in women, they can affect men too.  The common causes of thyroid issues include auto-immune disease, medication side-effects, and genetic predisposition.

While there are a couple different options to treating low thyroid with prescription medications, the therapy does need to be actively managed by a physician to make sure you are being regulated correctly.



Another part of our health puzzle can often be a lack of vital nutrients that our bodies need as well.  Vitamins, like Vitamin D and Vitamin B12, often play a big part in our energy levels as well.  While we are at it, why not take a multi-vitamin with a good dose of folic acid and maybe some L-carnitine?

It also might be time to double check our other prescription drugs to make sure they aren’t depleting our body of things we need, like coenzyme co-q 10.


It’s all about balance.

Our bodies are made up of a multitude of systems and pathways from hormones to neurotransmitters that can affect the way that we feel, and we need all those systems to be in balance.  It would be very short-sited to think that only one thing would cause our bodies to stop performing at our peak potential, so making sure you have a provider that approaches your symptoms from a balanced perspective is of paramount importance.


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