Genesis Pharmacy maintains excellent safety and quality standards of care to ensure patients receive the most beneficial compounded products at reasonable prices.


Our newly renovated, state-of-the-art, 7000 square foot pharmacy was designed specifically to meet the needs of our growing patient population and to meet the requirements set forth in the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention.(USP) We utilize cutting edge equipment and technology to develop innovative solutions for our prescribers and their patients.

Product Testing

Processes we use to produce compounds are validated by a third party analytical testing lab. The quality and the procedure by which we make the product are validated. We also voluntarily submit to a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Review. This aids our pharmacy in establishing a culture of continuous improvement that uses a cyclical process of potency testing, analysis and consulting, to continuously improve on products, processes, and people. This process review impacts many areas of the pharmacy including policies and procedures, technique of the technicians, regulatory compliance, product and people validation, and beyond use dating. Our testing requirements are strictly focused on potency testing and due to us being a CQI Partner, we are able to enhance or amend our policies and procedures as needed


Genesis Pharmacy employs a Compliance Officer that is in charge of continual monitoring of all applicable state and federal regulations that pertain to prescribing and compounding prescription medications. Our pharmacy strives to remain current on all recalls, labeling requirements, inspections, new drug acts or regulatory policies etc. in order to remain compliant and keep our patients safe.

Management of PBM and Insurance Providers

Genesis Pharmacy works closely with benefit providers regarding the ever- changing insurance coverage of compounded medicines. We work diligently to provide the most cost- effective, therapeutic treatment options for patients.

Quality Initiatives

To survive in todays healthcare market, Genesis Pharmacy strives to improve pharmacy policies and procedures. We recognize the need to minimize or eliminate variability of processes that may lead to errors. Our business processes are held to Sigma Six standards which encourage us to maximize our efforts to produce only quality, beneficial products safely.